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You know what would be great....a sticky for lights that has different ranges of 'kits' (in terms of price) to put together. I know there is a 'light' sticky thread already, but it would really help to show what bulbs go where and what the 'best' bulb available is for each price range.

Something like..

Kit #1 (lowest priced kit at something like $60 or something)
- Low Beam (link to cheap HID's or the halogens that many like on here)
- Fog Lights (link)
- Strip Light
- DRL (if you wanted it instead of pulling the fuse)
- License Plate
- etc etc

Kit #2 (either a little more expensive bulbs or maybe a variation of kit #1 but in different Kelvin)

Etc, Etc. It seems many just don't know what 'fits' together as we all want the lights to look uniform in color and brightness for the most part. Then, if newer/better bulbs come out you could just update the sticky where it needs updating. This would make it really easy for people to come in, look at each kit's price range and figure out what they want to spend & purchase all the bulbs in that kit using the links provided.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts