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Issue while driving for a long distance

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I have a Honda Accord 2002 4 cylinder automatic, since the past 3 weeks, I have been having an issue with my acceleration. The car begins to jerk and doesn't gp beyond 30MPH when I drive it for a long time and stop. When I drive for a long distance like 40 miles and then stop at a red light, it begins jerking violently when it turns green and I apply gradual pressure to the gas pedal. It also doesn't speed up more than 30MPH unless I change from D4 to D3. Once I change that, it accelerates well and speeds up pretty smoothly. When I am driving withing town there is little jerking. i had an oil leak that was fixed just before this issue began. When I showed it to a mechanic he said the car seems fine and nothing is wrong with it.When it begins jerking violently, I change it from D4 to D3 and that seems to solve the problem for a while.
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it sounds like there is a transmission issue.

have you checked the fluid level of the transmission? are you noticing any flashing lights on the instrument cluster? when was the last time the tranny fluid was changed?

please reply so that we can help you out more.

welcome to the forum, and good luck!
Thank you so much for offering help.

I checked the transmission fluid level. It is optimum. But the engine oil level looks low. I had an oil change done 3 weeks ago, that was when the guy spotted the oil leak near the exhaust. I don't see any lights flashing on the dashboard. No warning lights are on. The mechanic who checked the car told me that he hooked the car to a computer and checked for error codes but he didnt find any problem. But he said it could also be a catalytic converter problem. When i asked him that do i need a new transmission he said that "no the transmission is fine"
Can you pull the codes. Maybe there is a hint there. The transmission failing (unrelated to fluid level), is the likely issue. Be prepared for a $3000-4500 repair bill (I just paid $3300 for a complete rebuild that goes beyond what a OEM reman from Honda is)...
Good luck...
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