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i have just upgraded my little saxo vtr for a 2.0 vtec executive accord in white. (i know, a hudge jump. couldn't resist when i saw it in the shop :S) :banana:

The car has a power flow exhaust on the back with 4 tail pipes, although they make no extra noise at all :(
i have had a look under the car and it has the standard center pipe still, any one know where i can get a pipe that will fit a power flow exhaust back box, but also a stander manifold???? :dunno: ( i have looked but power flow only make them if you go to the shop, which id rather not do)

While im hear as well, i have a 1600watt sub that i pulled out of my old car. is it worth replacing the bose head unit for a new one and fitting the sub? i heard that its not worth it due to it will distort the speaker quality? is this true?

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