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JET® - Computer Chip Programmer? Legit?

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I was browsing since it's still early at work, do you think this is legit?

"Up to 10 HP and 17 ft.lbs TQ Gain."

If you think this bs product, just say it, please don't give wise-a$$ respond like "10hp gain with Honda sticker" or bs crap like that.
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If this just bs then just say, please respond if you're giving wise-arsse respond like "10hp gain with Honda sticker or bs crap like that."
my bad haha words got scrambles, multitasking.
Quoted from another forum

"JET is a piggy back system. A Piggy back system functions by decieving the PCM into thinking the parameters from its sensors are different than it actually is. Generally they force the car into thinking that intake temps and airflow are different than they actually are. When the PCM sees the false inputs from the JET "module", it dials the AFR to match what it thinks is going on. The problem with this is that it causes the AFR to go to hell and will cause the car to run either insanely rich or retardedly lean depending on the actual conditions. The Jet Module would make your car run anything but a Stoichiometric mix. If your car decides to run too rich, you'll burn up your O2 sensors and Cat. Too lean, and well... prepare to see a melted piston."

I'd wait until a real tuning solution is available. :( sorry
o wow. Not a great product.

I'm still waiting for more flavors of products for the 9th gen...sadly it's slow.
If it's a universal part, then it's probably crap.
Most of these chips are snake oil.

I had a friend that blew up his Passat Turbo wagon from one of these chips.

Your money, IMHO, a bad idea.
It's 10hp/17tq your money IMO. If you want a fast car, don't buy an accord.
It's 10hp/17tq your money IMO. If you want a fast car, don't buy an accord.
Don't do anything with piggyback units from JET.

This was a crazy for a while for the 6th gen Accord. People hooked them up and had problems like stalling and low idling. It was once talked about in Super Street magazine because they did a dyno.

Save your money.
The JET system had a bad reputation in the Chrysler LX crowd. Dont do it.

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