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Just got an accord. I know nothing about cars. I need a new key fob. So lost...

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Sorry, I'm sure that his been covered, but in searching I still can't grasp the whole concept as I know nothing about cars except how to put gas in them, and drive them.

Just got a 04 Accord. The previous owner (my dad), broke the plastic of the key fob, and went full Tim Allen on it. He super glued it together. All was well until the battery died. It's some kind of super strength/epoxy glue or something so if I took it apart to swap the battery, it wouldn't go back together. I'd have to chisel it apart.

I've found posts showing how to swap the guts/chip, which I am confident I could do, but if something went wrong, I'd have no way to start the car. This is the only key I have.

Honda wants $225 for a whole new key, cut, and programmed. Won't touch a 3rd party key.

Blacksmith (they were all the same +/- $5) wants $150 for the whole shindig, $95 to cut/program a 3rd party key, and $45 to cut a programmed 3rd party key.

Part of me says, "Go to the dealer, get the real deal, pay, be done." The other part of me says, "Is it worth $225 to not have to stick the key in your door?"

Ideally, I'd get a key online, program it myself, and get it cut for $45 by the blacksmith, and keep the brick I'm using now as a backup. Getting to that point where that's possible is were I get lost...

I find tons of keys online for $17-35, and they say they come with programming instructions. The blacksmith says you need a diagnostic machine to program it....? I saw a video of a guy programming a 2004 CRV, and he just turned the key a few times and hit the lock button after each turn. Does that just program the remote, and not the ignition chip?

Basically, I need some help (step by step walk through lol) getting an ignition only key cloned on to a key with a functioning lock/unlock/trunk/panic button in the cheapest way possible.

Also, what is you all's recommended site to purchase a third party key. If that's the route to go.
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I'm still not 100%. Those say they don't come with transponders. So they wouldn't start the vehicle correct?

Say I got the one on Amazon for $35, I would only be able to use the buttons right? I couldn't start the car with it unless I went to the LOCK smith (I put blacksmith in the first, and paid the $95 to cut and program? I'd probably pay the extra $20 just to have them deal with it all.

I appreciate, sorry for being so dense on the topic.
I saw a video of a guy programming a 2004 CRV, and he just turned the key a few times and hit the lock button after each turn. Does that just program the remote, and not the ignition chip?
Correct, programming the remote is easy (instructions all over the web and here). You can get the new key cut (copied from the old) by 3rd party sources such as locksmiths, and some hardware stores. Where they get you is programming the $ecurity chip. Easiest thing for you is to buy an aftermarket key, get it cut then swap the guts and security chip (be careful digging this out) over. Of course that does not give you an extra but it gets you a working key for the cheapest price.
Okay, I appreciate your guys help. I got it now. I just got off the phone with another dealer. I'm going to get the key off amazon, and take to this other dealer. The dealer by my house was just being a dick and apparently lying to me/trying to over charge me.

This other dealer cuts any key for $10, and programs them for $65.

Would it work if I just ordered the key off Amazon, got it cut for $10, and tried to pull the chip out of my old one (just the chip, not the whole guts)? That way if I messed it up, I could still take it over and have it programmed for $65? Then for a spare I would just get a basic key with no remote cut.

1) Welcome to Drive Accord.
2) jimijam's links gave you options to purchase the "hardware"
3) you will need to go to the Honda dealer to have your car's immobilizer unit be "introduced" to the key's chip, and also for the ECU (the car's brain) to recognize it.

Think of it like old time dating in the 1950s!! A girl would not go out with just any boy. No, no, no. The boy (the key) had to be introduced to the girl (the ECU) via the "immobilizer" (the parents and older football-playing brother).

All you ever wanted to know about the immobilizer and your key. Read this from Honda:

So yes, a cheapie key can be "programmed" (to unlock doors and windows and trunk) but not start the car UNLESS you go to a Honda dealer- not a locksmith, blacksmith, or Mr. and Mrs. Smith (great movie by the way- Angelina Jolie (the key) never looked hotter).

Or swap guts like Drew suggested. If a dealer will program for $65, bring 3 keys! Some around here do up to five for one low price. Order now!
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