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Hi guys,

Last week, the remote on my only key for my 07 Accord stopped working with out explanation. Despite the fact that the little red light still lit up, I assumed that the battery might need replacing which I did last night. Unfortunately this did not solve the issue.

I next reprogrammed the remote using the following instructions:

After completing the procedure the locks "chugged" signaling that it had worked, however the remote still did nothing. I repeated this at least a dozen times with same result each time which make me think that the remote is working just fine.

At this stage my guess is that the issue might lie with the driver's window switch regulator though I replaced this part about a year ago because of an unrelated issue with the windows.

If anyone has any suggestions as to diagnosing the problem or any other things to try just let me know.


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Don't overlook the fact that they might need lube, also. It happens.

The actuator can't work correctly if the moving parts are dry, which can happen on this generation, as it did to mine.

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I only had a valet key with my 04, I found an old master key at a junk yard and programed it to my car. It worked for a couple weeks and quit then staRTed working then quit again. I have not got back to it yet but was thinking battery. I will test the voltage in the FOB battery first then maybe try the lube. when mine quits, the trunk is the first to fail.
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