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I bought KP Technologies' HM20 module a while back and just had the chance to try it out. This device allows you to roll up your windows by hitting the LOCK button on the OEM remote two times.

Video of module in action

Note: all connections are temporary, for proof of concept, as I still need to finish sealing up the door as part of the audio upgrade. Once that is done I will solder the wires and secure everything. KP does NOT recommend t-taps due to potential vibration and moisture issues.

The unit has 5 cables and install is pretty straightforward.

  • KP Technologies RED wire - to constant +12V. Thicker white cable in the harness pictured
  • KP Technologies BLACK wire - to ground. You can use the green thicker cable in the Honda harness
  • KP Technologies GREEN wire - to Honda purple wire on connector on the door left.
  • KP Technologies BLUE wire - to Honda orange wire on connector on the door left.
  • KP Technologies YELLOW wire - this is a safeguard and goes to +12V when the ignition is ON. This cable is OPTIONAL


Temporary connections

Power lock/window harness

Door left connector

Install manual
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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