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Leaking New Valve Cover Gasket

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I have an 07 Accord EX Sedan K24A8 MT 220K Miles. I replaced the Valve cover gasket about 2K Miles ago. The car had no oil leaks until I changed the Valve cover gasket. The only thing I didn't do properly was torque it down to spec. I tightened the bolts down by hand in no certain order. Would that be the issue or is the new valve cover gasket a faulty one? I got the valve cover gasket from O'rielly's with the spark plug gaskets. Also, the reason I changed it was because I took off the valve cover for repaint.

Also, It is leaking from the back, because when looking at it, you can see oil on top of the headers.
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Replace those while you are there with cover removed and parts ready. It's not hard to pry off those seals. Just grap one side with needle nose vice grip and push it down and it will pop out without any issue.
You need to put some force when you puch down with one quick snapping motion.
I struggled with the first one, but figured it out with the second, and I was able to pop the rest in less than 5 seconds.
Make sure you lightly (very light) lube it with silicone grease when installing the new ones, and use the removed old ones as a sacrificial socket for your hammer/mallet.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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