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Leaking New Valve Cover Gasket

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I have an 07 Accord EX Sedan K24A8 MT 220K Miles. I replaced the Valve cover gasket about 2K Miles ago. The car had no oil leaks until I changed the Valve cover gasket. The only thing I didn't do properly was torque it down to spec. I tightened the bolts down by hand in no certain order. Would that be the issue or is the new valve cover gasket a faulty one? I got the valve cover gasket from O'rielly's with the spark plug gaskets. Also, the reason I changed it was because I took off the valve cover for repaint.

Also, It is leaking from the back, because when looking at it, you can see oil on top of the headers.
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It's obvious, first mistake is you didn't use an OEM gasket.
And if you didn't use RTV or Hondabond on the 4 points that previous posters have mentioned, there's another reason for it to leak.

Honda gasket is like $10.00..really what did you save? a buck or two??
If it were me, I'd pull it, throw away the old gasket...get the Honda gasket and do it right.
And you'll never have to worry about it again(or, until the next valve adjustment)
the valve cover washer grommets on top? Are the old ones difficult to remove as well?
Not at all, the washers are included with the metal caps when you buy them. IIRC, they're more expensive than the $4 a piece, I think.

Take heed of what t-rd tells you, as you have to make sure you align the tube seals correctly or you risk damaging them..I've used a light coating of fresh oil, on both the tubes and seals, and never had an issue.
Will do. I wanna replace it, since I already have it as part of the set. Might as well.
Yep, and you can return 'em!

Like t-rd said, they are a PITA to get out and then get in correctly..ask me how I know..
If they're not leaking, split, torn....I wouldn't even bother.
I just did the valve cover with a NEW honda oem set. Not reusing the old set and I did clean the grooves really well. I suspect I may not have seated the gasket well. Found it leaking a few minutes in. Can i just take off and reseat? Or do I need to buy a new one again. I will take a look at it again.
Chances are you "rolled" the gasket. It happens.
If you take it off, look for araes where it got pinched or's the deal: if you find those areas, I say, chuck it.
Get a new one...or, it will leak again and then that's three shots attempted right?
It's not worth it.
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