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I've checked out a couple of other posts that seem to be the same issue, but none had any fix and they were older conversations.

Drive Accord: Loose Rock Driver Seat Back Rest
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2016 Accord EX-L V6 Sedan

When I sit in the car and lean back against the seat I can feel the seat back move back some. Similar feeling to like having the seat not fully bolted down. This isn't a flexing/bending/bowing, but like the seat back has loose forward and back play in it. I can sit in the back seat behind the driver's seat, grab the top of the seat back on each side and rock it forward and back almost an inch and hear it clunking. Most of the play is on the right side.

I've checked the bolts holding the seat to the floor and they are tight. The bottom of the seat isn't moving, so I'm guessing at this point that either the mechanism for the seat back adjustment is wearing out or has partially come loose from the rest of the seat frame.

Is there anything that I should check first or should I just break down and, well, break down the seat to see if something is loose, broken or wearing out?
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