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Lowering my car

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Hey guys, I am thinking about lowering my car with just after market lowering springs (eibach) without buying the after market struts. Will this be a good idea or no?
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You'll get varying opinions, but using aftermarket springs will accelerate the wear on your OEM struts. Some may last years, others may be shorter, depends on roads, mileage, and how aggressive the springs are. Many go to coilovers as 1) install is easier (spring does not need to be removed from strut) 2) no premature wear on struts 3) ability to fully control height/damper 4) oem struts/springs can be swapped in at a later time.

It ultimately is just a decision where everyone must weigh out the pros and cons, with the pro for springs of course being less up front cost. Not sure on your make or model, but we have an opened box set of Eibachs here that are brand new we have on special if interested.
I was looking on your website today and saw your special. What would you recommend for a 2012 honda accord 2.4 liter coupe?
If you go springs, I'd be willing to bet after a few months, you're gonna wish you went with coils. I went to thmotorsports for mine... they had teins for under 700 and shipped free. Was at my door in 2 days.

Hope this helps.
Wow, that's a good deal!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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