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Lynnwood Honda - Lynnwood, WA parts $

I called and got some pricing on a few items. Lock actuator, floor mats, and spare tire kit for 2005 Accord Hybrid.

I started out by telling him that I had the part numbers but he wanted to look them up himself. They were the same part numbers that I got online at HondaParts Now. When I told him that his prices were about twice what I was quoted online, he said that many of the places online sell non-Honda parts and that I should be aware of that. I thought that he would offer to knock off a few bucks off but he didn't. I thanked him and said that I would get them somewhere else.

So I went online to another local Honda Dealer (Klein Honda) and when you click on parts it takes you to estore then they ship them for pick-up at the dealer. The estore prices were about 30% less than Lynnwood was going to sell them to me. They have lost a customer.

I can sympathize that he has all this overhead to pay for the brick and mortar and all. The message I'm getting however is that he doesn't want the retail parts business. Too bad, it is really close to my house.

$131 for set of carpet floor mats!!! In your dreams.
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