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Map Update Failure

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I tried to update Garmin maps for my 2018 Accord but when I had to download current map info on USB, got message unable to update my car had to be running.
Check attache photo

Can anyone help me please 馃檹
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Yup., the car engine has to be on, or you will quickly drain the 12V battery during the update process. It takes a long time - I just updated the maps in my 2019 Accord and the process took 40 minutes with the engine running. And, before you take the USB to the car to transfer the map files to it, you have to first download the map files from the Garmin site. This is a BIG file and it took about one hour to download using my desktop PC and I have a pretty fast internet connection.

- Jack
Can anyone help me please 馃檹
Have the car running during the update.
Follow the instructions on the screen. The End.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts