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I've been driving my 2004 accord coupe for 2 months and while I love it its recently picked up a habit that makes me want to pull my hair out, whenever I turn I can hear what sounds like a marble rolling back and forth in the direction I turn, and when I'm cruising at over 40mph when I let off the gas I hear a small 'tick' noise, this happens whenever I turn. I checked the door panel and found nothing, i found a loose piece of metal inside the internals of the glove box which i thought was it, not so however.I noticed there are 2 little holes under the passenger seat, one of which is for the wiring harness,which may be where it is but I haven't looked in there yet,

A note is I've never heard it on the driver's side, not once. The closest I've heard it is near the passenger side center console. Someone told Me it might be control arm bushings but I just had the entire control arm replaced not even a month ago, This is driving me crazy and really damping my enjoyment of the car. If anyone has any idea what this could be, please help me
Since the noise is more noticeable during turns is a good indication that it is the cv axle is going bad, the more you ignore it the noise wil be more noticeable, if it is truly a bad cv axle it can come to the point that it break leaving you stranded. Good luck
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