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Marker light swap issue

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Hi guys, first post here at DA.

Bought a 2014 EX-L I4 a few weeks ago. So far I`ve upgraded the wheels (18`` EKM3s) and done the LED interior + license plate swap.

Tonight I went to do the next minor mod - replace the marker light bulb with an LED.

There`s multiple posts on the forum regarding this and I went with the recommended Samsung T10 LED from EBay. Long story short, the LEDs aren`t making the connection. I`ve tested them in other sockets and they work fine but when I put them into the marker light socket I basically get nothing.

I`ve swapped polarities and inserted the bulb at every angle and depth. Every once in a while I get a quick flicker but nothing even close to steady and the more I played with it the more it went from flicker to nothing.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I`m guessing this is just an ebay quality issue...
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