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Metra 70-1721 & 71-1721 Harnesses

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Can anyone confirm that the Metra 70-1721 & 71-1721 Harnesses are the correct fit for our radios?

I understand they are missing a lead for steering wheel control and maybe more. I intend to order 2 of each so that I ca make one complete custom T-harness so that I can add an amplifier without cutting factory wiring.

I mainly need to confirm this is the right plug and jack.
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I like the idea of the ready-made T-harness but unles you know how to get the pins installed for the female side I'd still have to buy 2 of those and it is cheaper to buy 2 each of the individual harnesses. Also, I am imagining there is some special one-way locking sleeve that fits into the male side.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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