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If you have the Michelin Energy Saver 225/50R17 tires be on the lookout for bubbles or bulges in the sidewall. If you continue to drive with the bubble, the defect could open into a crack which deflates the tire. Evidently this is a known issue with these tires. My tire has 12k miles on it and has to be replaced. The guy at Discount Tire says this is caused by hitting a pot hole or curb, but I have never seen other tires do this. Maybe the Energy Savers are more prone to this type of damage? I also found this website with numerous complaints.

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That is a sidewall bubble, any tire can get one. That is caused when the cords holding the tire together break. A rubber tire with no cords keeping its shape would inflate like a balloon. From 3 years of working at tire shops, Goodyears seemed most likely to get sidewall bubbles. The common theme with tires that get bubbles are thin sidewalls.

The Discount Tire manager says this problem is not specific to the Michelin Energy Saver tire, he sees it on all brands. It can be caused by just hitting a pot hole. I am not a tire expert so I have to take his word on this. Anyway, I purchased one tire and he also sold me a warranty on all four tires for 12.50 per tire. I was surprised that Discount Tire would warranty the three tires they did not sell, but it seemed like a good deal. If this happens again I will be covered. I would recommend everyone with these tires to keep an eye on the sidewalls for any bubbles or bulges.
The manager was right, that was likely caused by hitting a pothole too hard, and yes it can happen to any tire. I had michelin energy savers in 205/65/R16 on my accord, now on my brother's 9th gen with no issues.

It's called cupping. You may have these bulges on the inside sidewall also. My respect for Michelin tires is zero.
That's not cupping, that's a sidewall bubble. From my experience, Michelins in particular are not especially susceptible to this.
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