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This is so simple of a fix I'm ashamed to admit it took me three years to get around to it.

A while back, my wife clipped the driver side mirror of our '07 EX sedan while backing out of the garage. Somehow she only managed to break some of the plastic housing outside the mirror itself. Functionally, it was fine. It was just cosmetic. 1/4" either direction and things would have been much better or much worse.

At the time we didn't have budgetary means to repair it, and being my wife's car, she didn't care how it looked.

I finally managed to convince her it needed to be fixed, so I ordered an OEM left mirror assembly and just swapped them out in 5 minutes.

I haven't found a good writeup on how to do this procedure, so I thought I'd pass along my experience.

It's so easy a caveman can do it.

Tools required:
- 8mm wrench or socket
- Small flat screwdriver
- Needle Nose Pliers

- 5 minutes

- $200 + shipping

(obviously, your part number might vary some. This was for the driver's side of an '07 EX sedan in graphite pearl)

1. To access the fasteners and electrical connector, you'll need to pop off the black triangular garnish. It's held in by two clips, so just wedge a screw driver or some other prying tool, or even your fingers and give it a good pop. It should come off pretty easily. Just be careful to not gouge it.

2. You'll see 4 fasteners and an electrical connection. We're only interested in these three. They should be 8mm. These were barely more than finger tight too. Unscrew them, but be careful to not drop the nut down behind the door card or you'll be in for a bit more work!

3. With the three nuts off, all that remains is to disconnect the electrical connection. It should pull right off. The mirror assembly side has two tabs on it that need to be squeezed in order to fit through this hole. I used some large needle nose pliers do the job.

4. With the old mirror assembly out, it should be pretty straight forward what needs to happen from here. Just reverse the steps with the new assembly. Pop the electrical connector through, tighten down the 3 8mm fasteners and connect the harness, then stick the door garnish back on and you're done!

This should be identical for the other side, and probably other 7th gen Accords too.

I'm really pleased with Honda's engineers on this one. So glad they decided to build the mirrors this way instead of having to take the whole door panel off. So easy!

Why didn't I do this sooner?


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