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I have been debating on a topic for a long time. I graduate this upcoming Thursday, and have no idea what is going to happen with my car situation being that my current 5th gen has a lot of work to throw at it. I don't know if my plans on swapping with my step dad for his 6th gen is happening because either way, a new car would be needed (if we do not put money into this 5th gen). So, just in case, I have been looking up prices and stuff to replace "everything" (in quotes because I know, technically not everything) in the front, since just replacing the rotors will require me to expose a lot of the components.
So far on my list
- Front Left Half Shaft: APWI #HO8055
- Front Right Half Shaft: APWI # HO8054
- Front Right LCA: Beck/Arnley #1024674
- Front Left LCA: Beck/Arnley #1024673
- TRE (Outer, left): Beck/Arnley #1014619
- TRE (Outer, right): Beck/Arnley #1014636
- Rotors x 2: Centric Premium # 12040022
- Wheel Bearing x 2: Timken #513098
- Plus pads

Am I missing anything for the front end list?

What about a rear list? What would that consist of? Rear UCA, Front and back LCAs, Drums + pads?

-Struts/ Springs, might just go with koni's and some springs (Oranges or yellows + H&R Sports)

Front alone (Without pads +the struts/springs) comes to $304.48 without shipping included, unless RA is free

EDIT/ ADDITION: Is it worth it to throw the money into it? This was my parents "ride-it-til-it-dies" car. they did oil changes, fuel it up, and basically it. And being in high school, they gave it to me.

- Front windshield is scratched (looks like someone turned on windshield wipers with dirt all over the window)
- Front side windows squeal, and have vertical scratches, plus regulators are bad
- Front brake rotors + pads are getting bad (rotors already below minimum)
- Struts/shocks are all shot
- almost 220k miles
- Front wiper arms are "loose" and go off the driver side and pop back on with a snapping/window chipping sound, being that it hits driver's side window
- Rear Drums + shoes will be due soon
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