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Hello All,
Since others on the forum were so nice in helping me I figured I’d give some info. here on what I think is a decent lower budget upgrade for the factory 10 speaker system. Maybe this can help someone on here make a decision on which direction to go. My current mids and tweeters are all run off factory amp (uggh but remember this is low budget install). If adding an aftermarket amp to run mids an highs you will then be getting into big money and a lot more labor. I did add my own amp and sub since this is where the system is really lacking (lacking everywhere actually but again budget).
First the amp and sub addition. I went with a JL XD600/1v2 running a JL HO110-W6v3. These are not exactly “cheap” components but considering on what can be spent on a custom install/components they kind of are. I have to say the sound generated from these two pieces is really nice. It can accommodate pretty much any type of music you throw at it. Simply tap into the factory sub speaker wire using an rca adaptor (I used a JL XD-CLRAIC2-SW). I plugged rca ends directly into amp and that’s it. It will accept this high level connection with no issues. Sound deadening is a must on the rear deck. VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO RUN THIN STRIPS OF DEADENER ALONG TOP OF DECK LID WHERE IT MEETS THE WINDOW. This will really help eliminate any rattle. I get zero rattle no matter how hard bass hits. Cover the metal beneath the deck lid as well.
I replaced the door mids and tweeters with JL C1-650 components. They are cheap and very efficient. I wanted efficient speakers since the factory amp is 💩. This has definitely made a nice difference in sound clarity. I think for $139 the upgrade is well worth it. I did use the crossovers that come with the JL’s as JL tech support recommended it. I left the rear deck speakers stock as they simply add “fill” anyway.
Now, the center speaker was a process. With it disconnected the JL’s still sound very nice. I wanted to keep it though as it does produce a good amount of sound for music/phone. I first used a cheaper tymphany 3.5” full range speaker, was simply way too harsh. Then I upgraded to a Wavecor full range, again way too harsh. I thought at that point no matter what speaker I used in that location would simply sound too harsh. I finally ended up purchasing a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 300m midranges (used 1 of course). Finally, harshness gone!!! I get much more volume out of the system when the center speaker is used. I find this important given the low power this factory system has. This upgrade has really surprised me as far as how much more I enjoy listening to music now.
Well hopefully this helps someone out there.
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