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2016 Honda Accord EX-L 4 CYL
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Alright. I know it's been asked a million times. I know the answer generally is "don't do it!"
I don't want to do anything crazy. Not looking for anything to make my car suddenly a V6 (impossible, I know).
I just want to do small cosmetics. So, in mind I have:
  • LED headlights (both high and low)
    • Bought LED H11 Conversion Kit with Cree Chips from Kensun after some srs research
  • Daytime running light replacement
    • Bought iJDMTOY DRL LED strip
  • New taillights (maybe)
    • Looking into the 2016 Hybrid Lights or just LED swap
  • Some switchbacks
  • LEDs under dash, under front side seats
  • LED map lights, dome light, and trunk
    • Bought red colored 2825 LEDs
  • LED undercarriage lights
  • Illuminated door seals
  • Small spoiler on tail or top of rear window
  • Splitters (Carbon fiber maybe?)
  • Aftermarket tires / wheels
  • 15-20% Tint (Legal in my state)
  • Wrap the roof (eh, maybe)
  • Edit: Definitely sound system upgrade
Anything else? Any opinion on what aftermarket tires / rims I should get? EDIT: Also opinions on breaks and rotors that are quality but don't cost and arm and leg? Budget is ~1000 USD for now. More down the line. Or any quality LED headlights?
If magically I wanted to go with a slight boost to HP/Sporty Acoustics, cold I do an CAI?

Edit: Posted here because it kinda referenced all the sub-forums.


Also, I know now there is a Modify sub-forum. I asked to have the topic moved.

· Vroom
2016 Honda Accord EX-L 4 CYL
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That's a personal thing. I don't know your style or budget.
I have about ~1 grand to put in it now. I was probably gonna get the less expensive stuff out of the way first. Nice rotors, breaks, tires, and wheels probably should be the finishing touches (I think).
As far as style, something along these lines:
Something sleek and black maybe.
There are no quality off-the-shelf headlights. Want good lighting/visibility? Retrofit.
Didn't think about retrofitting. I'll look into it.

Yes. But don't expect much of a boost to HP. Maybe 5 to 7 HP? The "acoustics" will be more noticeable than the boost to HP.
I know it'll be little if any. I mainly want those acoustics. Purring cars are sexy.
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