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mono high level sub to dual RCA - LCQ1

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I have a Audio Control LCQ1. 2013 accord has a mono high level sub signal. I see 4 ways of hooking this up to the LCQ1. Which one would be best.

1. Split the mono sub signal and hook it up to both left and right channels of the LCQ1 sub high level input.
2. Hook the mono sub signal to either the left or right channel input on the LCQ1. Use a RCA Y adapter on the output to convert to left and right channels.
3. Dont use the sub input at all. Let the LCQ1 create the sub channel output off the front and rear inputs.
4. Hook the mono sub signal to negative (-) on the left channel and positive (+) on the right channel. Is that even possible on the LCQ1

I am thinking option 1. It allows me to keep the sub control from the head unit and does not add Y connectors after the LCQ1.
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We vote for option 1. Also, option 4 will not work, FWIW.

Good luck!
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