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mono high level sub to dual RCA - LCQ1

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I have a Audio Control LCQ1. 2013 accord has a mono high level sub signal. I see 4 ways of hooking this up to the LCQ1. Which one would be best.

1. Split the mono sub signal and hook it up to both left and right channels of the LCQ1 sub high level input.
2. Hook the mono sub signal to either the left or right channel input on the LCQ1. Use a RCA Y adapter on the output to convert to left and right channels.
3. Dont use the sub input at all. Let the LCQ1 create the sub channel output off the front and rear inputs.
4. Hook the mono sub signal to negative (-) on the left channel and positive (+) on the right channel. Is that even possible on the LCQ1

I am thinking option 1. It allows me to keep the sub control from the head unit and does not add Y connectors after the LCQ1.
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i am thinking that the LCQ1 is the best option to hook up my sub, components and amp. do you have components hooked up as well? where did you tap into - before or after the factory amp? any whine or thump upon turning on?
Splice after the factory amp.. not before.

Your sub setup would be just like mine. Split the mono signal to the left and right channels. Option 1 on the first post.
Thanks for your help with this.

Im a bit of a noob to wiring, but why would we not splice BEFORE the amp? Doesnt the factory amp just mess up the signal and make it not clean?
The LCQ1 is not a line driver so if you tap before the factory amps you may not have enough signal. If your using something other than the LCQ1 and it is also a line driver you can tap before the amps. I don't know on the 2013 accord but sometimes integration for Bluetooth or other things is at the amp level, so if you tap before you may loose that functionality too.

The signal from the factory amp is normally "clean". Its really the highs and lows of the signal in various frequencies that make it sound bad. Flattening the signal so all frequencies are around the same db will make a world of difference.
Awesome, that makes sense now. Would it be better to do the before method and use a line driver + LCQ1 (EQ)?

Are you happy with the SQ from the LCQ1? Would you reccomend doing the same thing you have done? Best way to go?
Clear sound, flat response and some tight un-ported bass is good for me.
Cool, that's really all that I'm lokoing for as well. Not sure what is meant by 'flat response' but a clean/clear sound and tight base is important to me - something that will make "Dire Straits - Money For Nothing" sound unreal :D

Definitely want to keep it less expensive and I'd like to keep the installation as simple as possible. I think the LCQ1 is the way to go for me, $300-$400 isn't too bad and it seems to work well with our 2013's. I read a bunch of porblems with LCQ1 installations but happy that you have posted here for us and tell us that it works.

I think I'll pull the trigger on the LCQ1 soon, it's the last peice I need before I start my install in Jan.
I don't think I'll be able to find any deals that ship to Canada...always get screwed for this sort of stuff. Quick search the cheapest I've found is $329 + shipping. is sold out - might end up being harder to get than I thought...

Where do you have the LCQ1 mounted? At first I wanted everything in the trunk, but I think having the EQ up front would be nice.
For the fronts, I took the factory wiring for the door speaker back to the LCQ1. Then ran a new wire from the amp to the crossover module of the Polk components. I put the crossover module in the door with the speakers.
Finally started my install :banana: - enjoyable but time consuming.

When you say you "took the factory wiring to the LCQ1" - so you pulled the factory speaker wire from the door, back through the rubber thing, into the cabin, then ran it to the trunk?

Is this correct? I didn't think that the factory wire would be long enough to reach the trunk? I was about to run 2 brand new speaker wires from trunk to the factory amp/crossover.

Its in the trunk. I mounted everything on the back of the rear seat. Once you have everything set, you really shouldn't need to mess with the EQ.

Im going to post a high level setup/tuning guide that will help. There are several steps to follow that will make the whole process a bit clearer.
Any update with a setup/tuning guide?

I'm up and running with my LCQ1 but having difficulties getting it tuned. Usually it doesn't take me very long to tune a stereo but I've only done so with an aftermarket HU, never an external EQ + factory HU settings.

Should the factory HU settings be all in the middle or all the way down? I think I still get a better sound with "FLAT ON" setting, but that doesn't help much since it resets everytime the car is turned off.
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