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MPGs with 2023 Hybrids

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As I've gotten used to driving a hybrid, I've found it quite interesting how driving habits seem to impact fuel economy in ways I didn't initially expect. I likely will not change my driving style in the interest of maximizing fuel economy over time, but in the past week or two have paid a bit more attention to check if my 23 touring model is in the expected MPG range. So far it definitely is with my average in the 42-44 range with mixed city and highway miles. But with some caveats ...

If you truly push the car non-stop very aggressively, yes fuel economy suffers and you'll be lucky to be in the 30s especially if you're in a hilly area. No surprise there. But ... on the flip side if you drive the car very conservatively as if you were trying to conserve gas (as I would in any other traditional ICE), fuel economy also seems to suffer. That is, If I gently accelerate to desired speed with light pressure on the accelerator, the engine is on the entire time fueling either the battery or the drive motor, and the direct drive clutch is not engaged until you get to desired speed. Fuel economy suffers this entire time. However, if I accelerate more briskly to desired speed - whether it's 40, 50, 60, 70, whatever - then settle into that speed, the engine turns off and you're EV, or the direct drive clutch engages for higher MPGs. Maybe this is old news for hybrid owners, but I found it quite interesting. And I've found it very useful to use regenerative breaking to both charge the battery and save the brakes. In a few short weeks, driving a different car that doesn't have this feature is suddenly odd! I really like that feature. Regardless, it's been refreshing that in my limited experience more aggressive driving actually seems to yield better MPGs!

Curious if others have noticed this?
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Interesting, observation on the slower acceleration and mpg. I have the G10. I read that Honda engineered the G11 to stay in EV mode longer than the G10 but I had wished there would be bigger changes iin the G11 hybrid system but I can only assume they are pushing most resources into full electric vehicle planning...
Kryder, cold (and hot) weather effects the hybrid battery as it does any battery. Optimal conditions for the Honda hybrid is 60-70 degrees, stop and go in town, and not too hiily. Highway driving and cold and hot weather will lower the mpg. As ur car gets some use maybe the battery will improve. Best mpg is the EXL with the 17" wheels like my '18 Touring has. The advertised mpg is using controlled govt quidelines, not all that equal to actually use imo.

I'm waiting to check out the Civic hybrid to be finally sold here later this year. I just a had a gas Civic gas and it's pretty nice, probably nicer than older Accords. I still like my G10 Accord Touring but I never average over 35-40mpg because I commute on highway weekdays. Honda hybrids get less mpg over 65mph but I'm sure your mpg will improve.
To the poster DrKF, I agreed there were changes in the G11 hybrid system, I said I wish they were bigger. Same ICE motor size and battery, tweaked software, regen, maybe a second faster to 60, maybe not; and 1-2 mpg are differences, yes. Look what the new Prius brought over the previous, like 100 more hp. The G11's hybrid system is a tweak; nice, and I'm not saying I won't buy one someday, I just wanted a bigger jump from the 5 y.o. G10 system.
Hope it works out. take some time. I live in the sunbelt so I don't know snow driving, but I can see why people want all wheel drive. Many thought Honda would add it since most others in the segment offer it. But I think Honda wants to keep things simpler and reliable as the Accord has always been. and most people would get a crossover for that..
If you know the GM maybe they will allow a trade (plus more cash probably). but the CRV is a lot more popular and in demand but just as hard to get as a new Accord. I'm not ready to switch out but I may in a year or so for another certified Touring...
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