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MPGs with 2023 Hybrids

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As I've gotten used to driving a hybrid, I've found it quite interesting how driving habits seem to impact fuel economy in ways I didn't initially expect. I likely will not change my driving style in the interest of maximizing fuel economy over time, but in the past week or two have paid a bit more attention to check if my 23 touring model is in the expected MPG range. So far it definitely is with my average in the 42-44 range with mixed city and highway miles. But with some caveats ...

If you truly push the car non-stop very aggressively, yes fuel economy suffers and you'll be lucky to be in the 30s especially if you're in a hilly area. No surprise there. But ... on the flip side if you drive the car very conservatively as if you were trying to conserve gas (as I would in any other traditional ICE), fuel economy also seems to suffer. That is, If I gently accelerate to desired speed with light pressure on the accelerator, the engine is on the entire time fueling either the battery or the drive motor, and the direct drive clutch is not engaged until you get to desired speed. Fuel economy suffers this entire time. However, if I accelerate more briskly to desired speed - whether it's 40, 50, 60, 70, whatever - then settle into that speed, the engine turns off and you're EV, or the direct drive clutch engages for higher MPGs. Maybe this is old news for hybrid owners, but I found it quite interesting. And I've found it very useful to use regenerative breaking to both charge the battery and save the brakes. In a few short weeks, driving a different car that doesn't have this feature is suddenly odd! I really like that feature. Regardless, it's been refreshing that in my limited experience more aggressive driving actually seems to yield better MPGs!

Curious if others have noticed this?
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I just bought 2023 Touring Hybrid last week and I came from V8 Dodge Hemi so this is a whole new world for me. I am halfway through my first tank and i am only a tick over 31 mpg and i have been babying it cause i need the mpg to get above 40 to feel better about trading in the Durango. I drive a slightly hilly terrain for 45 min commute each way 4 days a week. How quickly should i get to the 40'ish range? I was only getting 13 city/19 highway (combined 17) with the Durango. I need to at least get double (34 mpg) or i will be disappointed as this car's only purpose for me was to get great mpg. Its not the sexiest car in the world! I also have no clue how or when i should be using those regen paddles (or why). Every other car had paddle shifters up there. Any tips/insight would be greatly appreciated.
I picked mine up Tuesday night (3/14). I've got about 230 miles on my 2023 so far and my average MPG is right at 40. They filled the tank when I purchased it and I've not reset the trip computer so it shows the same mileage as the odometer.

The first 30 miles were other people test driving it so who knows how they drove. 170 miles were me going back and forth on the interstate from my house to the dealership. The remaining 30 miles has been me going back and forth to work usually in busy traffic. I live 4 miles from work but it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get there. I've always driven like an old person so I'm pretty conservative on the gas and brakes. I'm still getting the hang of the paddles for regen braking.

I need to make another 120 mile round trip on the interstate to fight a different dealership for a deposit back and plan on making another 60 mile round trip this weekend to visit my mother and pressure wash her house. I'll report back with how the mileage looks before I do the next fill up. I am going out of town for an extended trip in a week so the car is just going to sit in my garage for a month :( I'm going to miss it.
damn, im about 10mpg less with a half tank to go......
Kryder, is it cold out where you live? One of the things they don't talk about is how the cold and extreme heat reduces the gas mileage. I have a 2018 HAH that I'm trading in tomorrow. I'm picking up a 2023 Touring in Canyon River Blue. Regarding the paddles use them when braking. Once you start using them to brake you may find that you can control the speed with just your accelerator and the paddles unless you need to come to complete stop.
yeah brother....high 20's low 30's in my neck of the woods right now. I might break down and cry if i dont get close to the 40+ advertised as it broke my heart to trade in my 2022 black Durango but the new job made it less than ideal to drive an hr and a half each day on midgrade fuel which is currently 44 cents per gallon higher than regular gas... what are the benefits to using the paddles for breaking?
As I mentioned in the first post the gentler I drive the lower the MPGs. (to a point ..
can't drive Ultra aggressive and expect to be in 40s range). Accelerating more rapidly to desired speed increased MPGs in my experience. I'm in 42-43 range consistently mixed highway city. Highway alone seems to dip to 39-40 for me. This is touring with 20" wheels btw. Give it a try and experiment. It's easy to see avg mpg on screen each drive or you can reset trip computer. And yes use regen paddles if you care about efficiency - brakes do some regen but i believe less than paddles.Hope you see improvements!
Thanks for the input. I was unaware of alot of this info including cold temps negatively impacting mileage. Curious how it will do in the snow. Heck i could have gotten the civic R 300+ horsepower and tons of fun to drive. I think the epa estimates were 38 highway and 28 city but i thought it would be slam dunk mid 40’s on accord as dealer said most people do better than epa listings on the window sticker. Maybe im just bitter about trading in my durango to get a car that had nothing that i loved except the gas mileage. Lol
Kryder, cold (and hot) weather effects the hybrid battery as it does any battery. Optimal conditions for the Honda hybrid is 60-70 degrees, stop and go in town, and not too hiily. Highway driving and cold and hot weather will lower the mpg. As ur car gets some use maybe the battery will improve. Best mpg is the EXL with the 17" wheels like my '18 Touring has. The advertised mpg is using controlled govt quidelines, not all that equal to actually use imo.

I'm waiting to check out the Civic hybrid to be finally sold here later this year. I just a had a gas Civic gas and it's pretty nice, probably nicer than older Accords. I still like my G10 Accord Touring but I never average over 35-40mpg because I commute on highway weekdays. Honda hybrids get less mpg over 65mph but I'm sure your mpg will improve.
Thanks for taking the time to explain some of this to me. Unfortunately my 45 min commute is mostly highway and quite hilly. I guess i should have done my research before making an impulse buy based off a window sticker. Although the GM of the dealership is my friend and he also must be unaware of the pros and cons. Next winter i will then be trying out FWD for the first time in decades and i wonder how challenging it will be in snow compared to 4WD or even AWD?
Hope it works out. take some time. I live in the sunbelt so I don't know snow driving, but I can see why people want all wheel drive. Many thought Honda would add it since most others in the segment offer it. But I think Honda wants to keep things simpler and reliable as the Accord has always been. and most people would get a crossover for that..
Will do!
Good lord. That is quite the detailed explanation. Why does hybrid system do worse on highway than city driving?
I guess im just bitter cause the GM of the dealership wasnt knowledgeable at all and actually told me that the epa listings in window sticker were bare minimum and i would blow those numbers away. But then again, he also dosnt know why the sport hybrid sticker said 51/45 and my touring only had 41/44. I went home and researched and it was cause of the 17 inch rims instead of the 19s on the touring. And dont get me started on that cause he said the all season tires and 19’s would be fine in the snow and everywhere i read it says the michelins are a disaster waiting to happen so i should put snow tires on the 19’s at a bare minimum or better yet buy 17’s and snow tires for winter. All this is a hassle to me that i was not prepared for. Lesson learned, do your research. I just got enamored with over 40 mpg when my durango was ave 17 tops. Next time i will not compromise on the AWD. I could have gotten the 2023 CRV Sport Touring Hybrid for the exact same price with AWD and a heater steering wheel and no need to worry about tires. Hell i never even factored in batteries depleting quicker in cold weather and i live in central pa and for at least four months we are at or below 32. Im a dumb ass. Lol
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If you know the GM maybe they will allow a trade (plus more cash probably). but the CRV is a lot more popular and in demand but just as hard to get as a new Accord. I'm not ready to switch out but I may in a year or so for another certified Touring...
I was lucky enough to be there the day they got their only accord touring hybrid and bought it that day. Today they got one crv sport touring hybrid in. Its a vibrant blue. Its not too shabby. I only have 190 miles on the accord but will not eat 15% on trading it back in. I will see what he says on monday. But if i was gonna have to pay 1500-2k for second set of wheels for winter maybe he would only need that money down plus another thousand. I would be ok with that. I dont even think the bank paperwork cleared yet!
Hello I just bought an 23 Accord Touring and replaced my old Camry. To be honest, this car is surely more fun to drive but it's been a huge disappointment over the MPG. I drive mostly highway between 75-80 mph and I am hardly touching 35 mpg. My regular camry would give 32 MPG. I don't think it's worth to upgrade from a MPG perspective. The Accord has smaller gas tank to I have to fill up the gas on Friday evening before making my last trip back home for the week which I hate. Earlier I would only fill up once a week generally on Sunday evening and it would last me a whole week. I drive about 400 miles every week just for work and this hybrid is not giving me that. I filled up and it shows 460 miles of range but unfortunately to keep dropping drastically and I end up around 380 miles of actual range. If this continues, I am going to start missing my Camry. Current temp between 40-50 degrees. I will post again in few months if I see any improvement.
in the same boat.. only reason i sold my durango was i have new 45 minute commute to and from work. saw 44/41 on sticker..... only getting 34 and change halfway through second tank. i have a sort of hilly highway commute and didnt research how hybrids work. live in central pa where its cold which i now know doesnt help. Next time around i need to
I drive a mix of 30% Highway and 70% City. So driving to work 5-days a week with a distance of 20 miles one-way I'm getting 46mpg going to work and 51mpg going home. I attribute going downhill and traffic on the way home for the improved mpg. I rarely go over 65mph on the highway portion of my daily commute and my city driving averages 35mph.

So it makes sense if you are driving faster than 70mph you may not gain any advantage with a hybrid. When I was researching hybrids I noticed the Highway MPG was always lower than City MPG. Come to find out, the hybrid motor's sweet spot is cruising at 55mph. If you go above 70mph the engine is running the majority of the time. Rapid starts also suck up gas and lower mpg.

On a lighter note, drove the Accord 4-days this week and maybe used 3-gal averaging 3/4-gal per day. Drove the Tacoma today and sucked up 1.25-gal just to get to work and another 1.25-gal to get home.
I was used to cruising at 85 in the Durango. This is a complete lifestyle change for me. Lol. Even the GM at the dealership wasnt well versed on all the ins and outs of Hybrid driving. He told me the 44/41 on sticker was bare minimum and everyone exceeds it. That is clearly not correct. I blame myself though for not doing all my homework. Its a nice car but lf i only ave 35 i could have got sportier car with more get up a d go and got close to the low 30’s. It was the mid 40’s that attracted me to this car. Life is too short to drive under 65 every single time. Lol
I knew I wouldn’t get the 40mpg as my commute it primarily 70-80mph, however after 2 weeks we are averaging about 35/36 which is better than my old ‘14 civic at about 29/30. And my kids and I have more room inside for the trip (their school is near my worksite). All in all, very happy with our upgrade.

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Im in exactly the same boat. Same commute and same results. Im just bitter cause i wanted low 40’s to ease the pain of letting go of my durango
I now have around 1200 miles on my 2023 touring hybrid with 19" wheels. I finally crossed 38 mpg threshold this week and that is from mile 0 as I haven't reset to track each tank. i drive 45 min each way daily and 80% highway in central PA. it seems to be going up a 10th or 2 each week. maybe weather, maybe break in? I ran in eco mode for about a month and then decided to say "screw it" and run in normal mode on highway and pop into sport mode once and a while on short trips around town. If I could get to 40 mpg no matter where I drive it i will be very happy. I never had 17"s to compare but i think the ride is smooth. would i like 4 more mpg with 17's? sure. But my aftermarket 19's with gloss black painted caliper looks really sharp with the Pearl White. The real issue will be winter driving on these with all season or put oem 19's back on with snow tires or buy 17's and run snow tires? I heard the cross climate 2's do very well as all season tires even in snow but they are pricey and also will prob lower mpg by 3--4 mpg...

I didnt really research hybrid pros/cons before buying and just thought 44/41 on sticker was pretty much guaranteed. Next time around will know better and do more research. But to me the car drives and looks great!!
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