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Hi y’all I’m new here and really new to these types of sites as I’ve never had anything worth posting about until now.....I just purchased the 2018 Accord Touring 2.0 with all the extra’ was the GM’s demo at my local dealership and I picked it up andI’m in love!!!!

Previous Benz owner, my last 4 cars, and I can tell you that this has mor features than they had!!

Anyway Stormy and I are just beginning our journey....I’ll be sure to keep up with this forum.....


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Nice ride!! Welcome to DA.

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Thanks. Was the pushpin to remove the dip between the letters?
Thats where i failed on mine is between the letters. The accord was fine and i was just gonna leave it but the sport started to lift so i just took it off.

Well now i have blacked out spot in letters Sport O & R.

Im probably just going to debadge it all together once i get some fisihing line. If i dont like it ill order the letters and have them put back on
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