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My Advics (An update and upgrade)

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I wanted to have my caliper screws sanded and clear coated but they didn't hold through one more winter. Apparently they are not meant for this:

I decided to replace them with stainless steel ones but I couldn't find any in the proper size on my market so I invested in titan screws from AliExpress:

They've got a bit smaller flanges but still look much better than those rusty ones:

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What rotors are you running?

The smaller flange would worry me, and the galvanic corrosion between Al and SS. Not to mention typically, stainless is quite a bit weaker than Grade 8
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I didn't realize that - thanks for feedback! Happily I didn't obtain ss screws in proper size so the ones I used are made of titanium alloy which is said to be corrosion free. I'll be extra carefull and observe them for any signs of interraction between the materials.
Yeah, we were idiots and totally read your original post wrong.

But I would still be be careful with AliExpress stuff, if they really are a quality Ti alloy, it's probably fine though.
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