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My Advics (An update and upgrade)

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I wanted to have my caliper screws sanded and clear coated but they didn't hold through one more winter. Apparently they are not meant for this:

I decided to replace them with stainless steel ones but I couldn't find any in the proper size on my market so I invested in titan screws from AliExpress:

They've got a bit smaller flanges but still look much better than those rusty ones:

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If those calipers are aluminum you do not want to use stainless screws!!!!!

the stainless steel plus salt will corrode the aluminum and you will destroy the calipers. The screws will look good 馃槑

As you know, zinc plated screws will not hold up. You need to find screws that are dipped.
Looks I was lucky not to get ss screws! These are made of titanium alloy meant for automotive purposes (if you can trust Chinese technical specification). Thanks for advice.
What rotors are you running?

The smaller flange would worry me, and the galvanic corrosion between Al and SS. Not to mention typically, stainless is quite a bit weaker than Grade 8
I didn't realize that - thanks for feedback! Happily I didn't obtain ss screws in proper size so the ones I used are made of titanium alloy which is said to be corrosion free. I'll be extra carefull and observe them for any signs of interraction between the materials.

I'm running Z1 Motorsports 350Z rotors.
Yeah, we were idiots and totally read your original post wrong.

But I would still be be careful with AliExpress stuff, if they really are a quality Ti alloy, it's probably fine though.
Thanks anyway. I'll be watchfull.
Nice looking bolts.
Surface rust is not a big deal. If the main concern is about looks, clean and spray some WD40, Fluid Film, or even a thin coat of clear paint on them. They should stay rust free for a few years.
Well, actually rust wouldn't be a big deal if the screws had been powdercoated with the caliper altogether. I wanted them to be clear coated so it was an additional issue. Still, even if you paint them really well, you eventually will have to screw them which means that you'll damage the coat no matter what. I've done it twice and each time the clear coat held for six months or so... When left unpainted they last a few weeks. Areas with no winter, heavy rainfalls and salt on the roads are privileged ;). Titanium screws should do the trick.
Can you throw a washer in there?
I thought about it but first I'd have to buy titanium washers and second the screws are already 3 mm shorter than original ones plus washers with a proper diameter are at least 2 mm thick. Actually I don't think it really matters - the flanges are just 3mm smaller in diameter than the original ones...
1 - 6 of 11 Posts