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2011 BBP LX-S Coupe
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Hi all, one of my first posts here on the forums so sorry for any formatting errors/rule breaking I'm unaware of. I've learned so much from you all in the past 7 months that I've owned this car and am very grateful to everyone here. I'm happy to finally be joining in on the conversations.

This is my Belize Blue Pearl beauty (my favorite color on these cars, SO happy I found one) during a rare rainy day in Southern California. 2011 LX-S just shy of hitting 80k miles. My previous car was a 2010 Civic LX Coupe (great car as well) so the Accord did not take too long to get used to. It's basically just a bigger, heavier, but upgraded Civic. The Accord is so much fun to drive in comparison. It's got pep, not quite v6 pep, but enough to have a lot of fun. However, I haven't done much to her yet. She came from the dealer with some tinting done to the windows, which I would have wanted to do anyway so that was great. I have added a paint matched OEM trunk lip, as well as a custom dual muffler setup using Magnaflow 11366 universal mufflers, 2.25" piping, a custom fabricated Y-pipe, and oval tips with a close-to-OEM appearance they had in inventory at my exhaust shop. Kept the stock resonator on because I'm not interested in super loud or raspy, just wanted a smooth deep tone, and this setup delivered. Can't wait to get a quality aftermarket intake to make that engine sound proper nice and healthy. Although, gotta say, the stock intake on these things scream pretty damn loud when you floor it as it is haha.

I feel that the look of the trunk lip and the dual exit exhaust really complete the look of the back end, so it was what I got done first. No regrets at all, I stare at that ass every time I'm walking away from it after parking haha.

Coming up soon, I will be installing some suspension upgrades. A set of Tein Street Basis coilovers, a thicker 19mm rear sway bar and associated bushings from an Acura TL that I got for cheap, and SPC Performance Adjustable Camber Arms (that I also got for cheap, yay) to avoid any crazy amounts of camber. I'm not trying to be stanced out here haha, just trying to get the car lower, and the handling more refined and planted to the road. All of these parts have been purchased already, just saving up a few more weeks to get them all installed in one go. After that my next goal will be a new Air Intake, and finally a set of nice wheels down the line. Still contemplating if I want to go the KTuner route and a few other power upgrades such as more exhaust work on the remaining stock components. It also needs a good exterior/paint detailing done as it seems the previous owner didn't know how to wash a car properly; lots of swirls in direct sunlight. Easily fixed, though as they aren't deep.

My idea with this build, being a 4 banger, is to focus on handling/overall driving "fun" and clean good looks rather than trying to squeeze every ounce of power out of the engine (not to say I don't plan on any engine modifications, just not going overboard). While I understand the Accord isn't the best platform for something like this, I just love the 8 gen coupes so much and want to have as much fun as possible with one. The k24z3 isn't capable of much power-wise, but I definitely feel the potential in this car to be very very fun to drive, carving through the local mountain passes and hugging the corners with the right suspension setup, here near the San Gabriel Mountains. Can't wait :grin

I am totally open to any and all suggestions you may want to make in regards to my outlined goals for the car. I would love some input and advice on how to do things right.

Thanks for being such an awesome community and I hope to keep learning and having a good time through insightful and fun conversations with you all. Cheers!


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