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My Subs Keep Cutting Out :(

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For quite some time now, my subwoofer has been randomly cutting out, but not often; just random days. Then the random days started getting a little more frequent. Then yesterday I returned from out of town and when I jumped in my car to get something to eat, it was cutting out the whole time. Today, I drove to my best friend's and same thing... cutting out the whole time. The subwoofer has also been making a thumping sound. Sometimes when it cuts out, sometimes when it cut back on and also on the random.

Since this cutting out mess first started happening I would have to wait till I get to a red light, put car in park and turn it off; then cut it back on and the bass would return. For the past 2 days, when I do that, it just cuts back off in a couple of minutes.

The new thing it has been doing is, because I would have to cut the car off then back on to get my bass back; if the bass cuts off, I will put the car in park in order to turn it off. However, once I put it in park, it will come back on. Sometimes even if I turn it off then back on, then while putting it in drive it will thump and then cut on.

My sub is in the trunk and amp under the passenger seat. I put my hand under the seat to feel for heat. It just felt like regular slight heat; nothing crazy, nothing burning.

I did not do any of the installation. I don't know anything about that stuff. And the folks who installed my sub and amp are different from the folks who installed my speakers and amp. My sub and amp were installed about 5 months prior.

This is ridiculous!... and annoying.
Any ideas?
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It would help if you posted what equipment you are using and who installed it.

Does your accord have ANC mics? (Active noise cancellation) ?

That can explain the thumping sound I'm not sure if the new accords have it.

But the bass cutting out can be due to poor installation, loose ground cables, loose wires going from sub to amp, poor wiring installation of entire system, poor setting of gain of the amplifier (tuning) make sure bass boost is set to 0, hmm. Idk. Give us more info of the installation and who did it and ur equipment being used and which line out converter you using
MTX Thunder85 12" sub (in a vented enclosure) -
impedance = dual 4 ohm, rms = 750 watts, sensitivity = 87.60 db

MTX JackHammer JH600 amp -
mono sub, 600 watts rms x 1 at 2 ohms, 350 watts rms x 1 at 4 ohms

House of Dubs (Laurel, MD) did the install.

ANC disconnected from behind the center console when I got my speakers and amp installed back in May. It only started thumping when the sub started cutting out.

I don't know about the LOC.

I figured the bass cutting out could be due to various issues but I just wanted some info with me before I take it to someone to fix. It always helps since I don't know how to do this stuff myself.
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:dunno:First to answer your more recent questions, toooootally random. So random that it sounds crazy. But so often that I knew if I took it back to the installers they would see (hear) what I'm talking about. I will be driving (literally moving with my foot on the gas pedal) and bass will boom and then it will stop. And it won't come back on until I do something (totally turn the car off and then back on; or crazier, shifitng to park or drive without cutting engine off but with foot on brake). That's ish cray.

So check this out, listening to ousooner2's obvious advice Tuesday was my late work day, so I took it to the installers. To be honest, although it seemed like the obvious answer, I did NOT trust the original installers (2 different places) to be all up in my car again... for various reasons. But, I couldn't take it anymore. So on my way to House of Dubs, of course, the sub cut out so I left it. I didn't mess with the engine or shifter (while braking). I got there and 2 of those lazies were outside. I told them exactly why I was there (I had called the day before), turned my volume up and then explained to the second dude. I told him to watch what happens. I shifted to park... and guess what... subwoofer booming! The first dude took it in (this is the guy who installed it). He came back quite sometime later talking about "I drove it all up and down here and I couldn't duplicate. Sorry... blah blah... If it's frequent again, bring it back... blah." I said fine. I left and not even 10 minutes down the road, sub gone.

I bucked a U and when I asked dude to come back out, I could tell he was annoyed that I came back. We sat in the car together and he heard it (again... :rolleyes:). He took it back. After a while the second dude returned (I guess first dude was like he's not trying to deal with me anymore..... a-hole). He said, "sorry but we checked this this this this that and this and can't find anything... sorry." I asked him a million questions and even asked him to show me some things. I assured him that I was not questioning their "good work":rolleyes: but I need to know what other possibilities were left. He said none... no matter how many times I asked. I left. This was yesterday around 12 noon-ish. My bass has been magically booming loudly ever since. I'm just saying. (Knock on wood).

I mean I guess that is the service I get when I call a place of business and get this:
(ring ring ring)
HoD: "Yeah"
Me: "Hi, ummm... I wanted to know... (*paused, realizing I'm not sure if I called the right place*) ummmm... is this House of Dubs?"
HoD: *lazily* "Yup."
Top notch phone etiquette right there. Maybe my expectations are too high. :dunno:

I'll see how it continues.
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do you have a DD or single din with a display of any type ?

Vehicle Car Honda Honda accord Center console
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Have you opened up the box to make sure everything is secure on the sub? Tinsel is okay, etc? Try swapping RCA's on the sub amp. Also, where is the remote wire taken from? Where did you ground the amp and can you take a pic?
:eek: I don't know anything about that. :paranoid: Nothing.

...I did not do any of the installation. I don't know anything about that stuff...
However, day 2 and counting... sub still thumping without cutting out. (still knocking on wood)
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