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I have a late UK 2009 Accord EX with Navigation , and I'm trying to determine the degree of integration there is between the Navigation phonebook and the HFT

I uploaded my (Galaxy S3) contact list to the Navigation system (paired bluetooth) without any problem, then tried to use the HFT to dial one of the numbers by name, but no luck. I kept getting it finding some single digit number which is not right.

I then found a menu item in the Navigation system that can transfer a single number to the HFT, but I then have to record a voice tag against it, a laborious process indeed for multiple phone entries.

Is this the only way to use voice dialling directly from an uploaded contact list?

For comparison, I used to have a 2006 5 Series BMW with business navigation with bluetooth hands free facility, it was simple, just upload the phone's contact list (via bluetooth), then say any name from the list and it would display the matching number on the screen and dial it.
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