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How deep is the scratch? Does it catch your finger nail?

From the pic, it doesn't look that deep but it may be deep enough that Scratch X and/or trying to get it out by hand aren't enough.

Do you have Meg's Ultimate Compound? It's got more cutting strength than Scratch X. If UC still doesn't work by hand, then you'll need a machine (dual action orbital or rotary) to get it out.

If it is deep, then it needs to be filled with touch up paint, wet sanded, and polished with a machine, or just repaint the area.

Not sure about the headlight. Is it on the outside (can you feel it with your fingers?) or inside? Almost looks like dried wax. If it's on the outside, try a clay bar or apply some rubbing alcohol with a microfiber. You could even try the Scratch X.

If it's on the inside, no way to get it out without cracking open the head light housing.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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