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Hi Guys, long time reader of the forum, finally decided to make an account and get some input from the experts before i sink a g into my stereo system. Really appreciate all the suggestions and input, means a lot guys!

Is there a harnessing kit available for a flip out monitor for 7th gen with dual climate control? Think I found one but it requires relocating the radio... not quite sure how to do all that.

If not, what is the best way to go about installing a double din in the cubby? I know this has been covered in previous post but I don't know where to get a kit for that or if I have to modify one myself like I have seen mentioned in other posts and forums. The head unit questions are my biggest issues, I have ordered some nice type R components and know the factory head unit lacks output compared to aftermarket pieces. I would really appreciate any suggestions how to best get a screen in (motorized or double din) and would love any pictures available for uploading.

My last question is do I really need a 4 channel for my speakers if I'm not running a sub? I had one put in my last accord but I had a JL dub7 installed and wanted everything as clear as possible. If it will make my speakers last longer and make them sound even better, I'm all for it, but if it won't make a huge difference, I'd like to save the money.

Hope the post isn't too long or repetitive, just hoping for some input before i drop a bunch of scrill. Thanks guys!!
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