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New 03 Accord owner, could anyone help with some maintenance

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Hi all! I'm brand new to the forum and am also new to car ownership. I've had my car for just over a year now, and I've come into some problems with it. Please excuse any formatting issues since I'm on mobile.

I've got quite a few problems with my '03 Accord i4 LX, however since I'm on the electrical board, I'm going to go over those problems.

For starters, I've been having a battery drain issue which means I have to jump start the car frequently since I'm not a daily driver. I've seen some improvement removing my radio fuse, however it still drains.

I also don't have any backlighting on my gauge cluster, except for the gear lights, glowing needles, and other LEDs, however the odometer and numbers, as well as other backlit indicators, have no lighting at all, and I can't find the fuse for it on my owner's manual to try and replace it.

Thank you all for your hospitality. I hope to enjoy my stay on this forum
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Welcome to DA.
Frequent jump-starting - does the car have an aftermarket alarm or remote starter?
How old is this battery?

Have battery and alternator been tested?

Are battery terminals, cables, and ground wires free of corrosion and all tightly connected?

Have you checked the water level in each battery cell recently?
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Hi all. Sorry for the late replies, I forgot my login. Battery is new, happened with the last battery. Both battery and alternator have been tested, and the battery teminals, cables, etc are all free of corrosion. The grounding wire (I assume you're talking about the wire used to ground the jumper cables to the left of the engine bay by the alternator) is very frayed.

I unplugged the radio and started the car and let it run for 3 hours a day for a week and a half in February, and since then, with 3x a week driving, it hasn't needed a jump start yet.

The backlighting, God, this is embarrassing. I forgot to turn the knob up. Whoops! Still got a lot of maintenance to do! New parts, rust, alignment, etc. If anyone can direct me to a thread with information on maintenance and restoration, I'll be forever grateful. Since I'm new I'm still having trouble navigating the forum.
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