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Ive owned many Hondas over the years, most of them 2 wheels.

I had an 03 Civic LX that I used for a work vehicle on a courier route. I bought it 2 years ago with 197,000 miles on it. On Oct 6, a guy turned left in front of me and I hit the right rear wheel of his 14 Chevy full size truck. At 59 years old this is my first accident, I even rode motorcycles 45 years accident free. The wreck knocked the axle out of the truck and crushed my Civic. At 320,000 miles it was still running like a top. I had just done a H2O pump, timing belt and head gasket. Insur paid me $956 for it. Im a believer in safety belts and airbags. Im still sore, but no back or neck pain, no trip to the hospital.

So Saturday we went car shopping and bought a 2019 Accord Hybrid EX-L. Im happy with the deal, we had a great salesman and the dealer was extremely easy to work with.

This will be my wifes car, we just sold her 17 Mustang and I drive a 16 Fusion along with a 65 and 67 Mustang.

Hondas are a great value and Im sure will we add another down the road.
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