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Just got a 2dr 1996 EXR.

Anyone can help me out with some of my concerns to make the car look good enough to make it flush ( without rubber issue, and good enough grounding rooms for daily drive:

1:) choose of springs

- H&R sprot springs with 1.75" F 1.5" R drop
- H&R race springs with 2.2" F 2" R drop

2:) choose of rims

- 17X7.5 + 20 ( 205/40/17) F and 17X8.5 +25 ( 215/40/17) R
- 16X7 +12 (195/45/16) F and 16X8 +20 ( 205/45/16) R

I dont mind running some stretched tires on.

plan to add mugen lips after these.

Thanks anyone could help me out ^^ or at least give me some ideas, since I'm brand new with hondassss

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well if its gonna be ur daily driver. i would stick with H&R sports. less of a drop. and you didnt mention anything about gettin aftermarket shocks. the Sports mightve been designed to work with the stock shocks. Race is low and shocks will blow sooner.

the body will be lower in general because of this mugen style lip kit u plan to buy. for daily driving on speedbumps and ramps, again Sport might be better and less of a hassle. make sure the front lip is urethane, otherwise its gonna brake easily. i dunno if they make the sides and rear in urethane, so gotta be careful. or look into a full urethane kit for definite durability.

with all that being said, why not look into getting coilovers or full coilovers. so you can have it at the exact height you want it. dont have much wheel spec knowledge so cant help u there.
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