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Wanted to see what people thought of this -

(1) Noticed the center console (where you rest you arm) was making a lot of noise every time I rested my arm down. Finally took it in and they actually replaced the entire thing under warranty and its obviously good as new with no noises.

(2) One day over the summer (car sat in a garage basically all summer) noticed that the H on the steering wheel had started to bubble. There weren't actual bubbles but thats the only way I can describe it - there were raised streaks in the "chrome". The dealer fixed that too under warranty - they actually had to replace the entire airbag assembly.

Was wondering if others have had this problem and if they have taken it into the dealer. Obviously, if anyone is experiencing these problems please have them fixed before you warranty runs.

Sorry but I dont have any pictures for you guys - if I took pictures now it'd just look stock - which it is.
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