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Found this site a few weeks ago and have been reading voraciously - very helpful info here. I'm doing 105k maintenance on my wife's 01 Accord 4 cyl and learning a lot (my daily driver is a 1974 International Scout, so this whole 6th gen Accord deal is a different world! :paranoid: ).

For those who prefer getting right to the point, I have two simple questions:
1. I had the timing belt & water pump done at my local Honda dealership, and afterward I crossed "coolant flush/replacement" off my to-do list. But now I realized I'm assuming - how much coolant do they drain and refill when doing a water pump? Should I do the whole system flush even though the WP was just done?
2. I need to change PS fluid, but my Haynes manual doesn't say how (only shows how to replace the whole PS pump). Is there a method for getting all the old fluid out of the PS system, or does this need to be done by a shop with a flushing machine of some kind? I searched but didn't find any info...

The backstory: I bought this Accord in 2004 as a CPO vehicle from a Honda dealer. It had 27k miles on it, and over the last 7 years we've brought it up to 102k. I've changed motor oil and oil & air filters regularly as well as rotated tires & done brake pads/shoes once, but other than that I've neglected it a little too much. I've now read all about the AT woes and how I should have been swapping fluid out every couple years (oops :dunno: that'll get done on the car's NEXT 100k for sure). When it hit a hundy I knew it was time to get after some stuff so I'm educating myself.

So far in the past month I've done:
- timing & balancer belt, front engine seals, water pump & drive belts (dealership)
- cabin filter
- spark plugs, cap & rotor
- drain & refill AT fluid 3x
- oil & filter
- tire rotation

Still to do is:
- PS fluid (see above)
- brake fluid flush/replace (in my garage, not on a machine)
- rear shoes

Leaving alone for now:
- the rear main is dribbling a touch, but I won't mess with that until/unless the tranny blows up and needs to be worked on/replaced
- the pass side axle seal is leaking a very small amount of tranny fluid. Not sure I want to tackle pulling an axle (I know my limits) so for now I'm going to monitor fluid level and leak rate closely and just see how it goes.

It's always run very well, but after replacing the cap & rotor in particular (the cap was pretty scored inside) it downright purrs! Everything showed wear signs obviously - the plugs looked worn out (although electrode color was OK) and the AT fluid was... scary looking. But so far it is still running like a champ, and my goal is to get at least 250k out of this car. :thmsup: We love it!

If you've read this far, thanks! Open to any and all advice.

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For the p.s. fluid use a turkey baster to draw some fluid out and replace with new fresh oem fluid. :thmsup:

There's a guy on here "fredsvt" who has 260k on a 98 Accord with the orginal ps fluid in there. He works on these cars for a living and knows his stuff. The Honda dealer here says to leave it alone unless there's a problem. But no harm in doing the above to freshen things up. Don't forget replacing the pcv valve with a new oem one. It's at the top of the valve cover. Replace every 100k.

PS...Welcome aboard!

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Many thanks! So replacing the fluid just in the PS reservoir sounds like it's "good enough." I have no PS problems, so I'll just do that and call it good.

I've read lots of Fred's stuff. Very helpful info. I've been on automotive forums long enough to spot guys who really know their jack, and he seems like the tops of that list.

And thanks for the PCV reminder. I actually did swap that out but forgot to list it. The old valve didn't even rattle anymore :paranoid:, but I have much more positive ventilation in the ol' crankcase now!

Thanks for the tips! :thmsup:
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