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Hey all,

I recently purchased a 2004 Satin Silver coupe 3.0 V6 with a 6 speed manual. I drove a 2002 RSX type S in the past, but wanted something more mature and muscular (V6 Power). I have to say I'm pleased with the accord and it's superior to the RSX in all aspects except for handling and clutch feel. I would like to eventually add an HFP suspension to the accord and can't seem to locate a website that sells the 7th gen HFP suspension. I've searched and the sites listed appear to no longer carry the suspension, Any advice greatly appreciated in locating this suspension.

My planned mods are:

1. HFP suspension
2. HFP Aero kit
3. 2007-2008 TL type S 17" wheels or other honda/acura OEM wheels
4. Black Headlights
5. Tinted windows
6. HFP trunk spoiler
7. K&N air filter and modded airbox

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Welcome to DA!

Unfortunately mostly if not all HFP items for our Gen has long be discontinued. Look into Koni Super Cup Kit or Tokico
HTS as a superior replacement to the HFP suspension, and also adjustable.
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