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Hey guys,

Joined since I found myself browsing here for the last week and seeing what others have done to their 10th gen accords. Bought mine a week ago and am loving it so far, only put about 160 miles on it but plan to add many more in the next few years. For me its really the ultimate fun daily driver that looks amazing, has the current tech and performance to match the sporty look.

Went with Silver, 2.0T 6 speed manual. Plan to add some 35% tint, stage 1 intake, hitch for my bike and to locate a set of 18" wheels for my winter tires. However I might sell those and use the stockers with 19" snow tires if i can find some cheap enough. Been modifying cars for about 15 years, but always loved the factory look with only subtle changes such as minor suspension work, exhaust and intake system, a nice set of wheels. I plan to keep this for about 2-3 years as i get bored with vehicles fast, however this one really ticks off all the checklist for me so who knows!

I also ride motorcycles a good amount, splitting my anuually mileage about 60% car 40% bike. Have a bmw s1000rr, and recently sold a ktm 500 sm.

Here she is:

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