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Now i need a new Lower Rocker Arm Pressure Switch, Please help

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Continuing My Previous Post asking about the VVT Solenoid Gaskets, I Obviously had to buy a set on ebay. Installed it tonight, the top piece of the lower gasket didnt fit perfect until i put it in where it holds it aligned, i doubt thats normal but i had no choice at that point, the Original one was definitely old and flatter and really stuck in there, and that lower one had snapped when removing it. Got everything done and Put back together, and very very slowly i would see a drip of oil just below the dipstick, so it was leaking. looked up torque specs to be about 8-9 ftlb, And realized that the bolts felt fairly loose, especially compared to how tight it was when breaking the bolts free. so i started to tighten, and after like 4 turns one bolt snapped. the entire time i turned it never felt like it was getting any tighter. I just re-disassembled it, the other two bolts are stretched and would have snapped too. I tried to get out the broken bolt piece, but its only got like 2mm sticking up and its not flat, so i cant get a grip with pliers. i guess in a way im lucky enough that it seems to be stuck in a Lower rocker arm Oil pressure switch, and not something major, But now i have to replace this rocker arm Oil pressure switch. i took out the two visible bolts and it won't come off. looking up a picture of it, it seems like there is another small bolt under the valve cover? so now im looking at removing the intake so i can remove the valve cover just so i can get this rocker arm switch off? And then i would have to purchase a GATES VVS320 Which Comes with the entire solenoid and rocker arm all in one that could be bolted on and done with. Is this what i need to do? or is there another way to this? My crosstour has no plates because the DMV takes forever to send a state transfer title, so i have to get this one fixed reasonably quickly. Ebay Has the GATES VVS320 Shipped from my state for like $20 more than rock auto, so hopefully id have it the day after its shipped. Opening up the valve cover also means i need a new valve cover gasket (which was just replaced a year ago for $200) Right?
Obviously now i couldnt even drive it to my mechanic if i wanted to, so thats not an option. i don't have money to be towing it places let alone to pay for labor to have it fixed. Sorry this post is so long, But i need to know everything about what i now have to do before i attempt it and something else goes wrong.
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If you could weld a nut on top of that broken bolt. I've never done it but maybe chemically with one of those welding products before going the easy out route.
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