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I have heard many horror stories on the Passat too, I am glad I did not get one. I hope that you find the solutions for your problems by now. It not, read on.

For your passenger power window issue, I don't think it is the motor but it is likely the MICU or the hardness between your driver window switch to the MICU. The MICU is built into the under dash fuse relay panel. You may also have a short on that passenger window up circuit because is not supposed to go up unless you push the up button with the ignition key on. My guess is that you have an open circuit on the driver side controller to the passenger window and you have a short on the window up circuit. This is probably likely because the car had been in an accident and someone fixed the door but causes a short.

For your radio back lighting issue, it is the circuit board inside the CD player that shorted out. This is a common issue for the 03-04 Accord that Honda extended the warranty to 7 yrs. or 100K. However, like many of us, the extended warranty ran out too. Mine had the same issue 2 months after the extended warranty and I did have to pay $125 for the part and Honda picked up the labor. You should bring it to another dealer to see if they will call Honda for a goodwill repair. If they don't, you can order the part for $125 and replaced it yourselves. It will take a couple hours but it beats paying the dealer $300 for it.

For your cruise control issue, it could be related to the MICU issue. The more common problem is the circular collar behind the steering wheel may not provide the contract for your cruise control buttons to the cruise controller. If it works now, leave it alone. When it acts up again, carefully remove the steering wheel and check that collar. Good luck.
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