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Sorry for just getting back about this... hasn't exactly been on my priority list in the middle of my final semester of engineering school. :headbash:

Could the backlight also be related to the MICU multiplex unit? I've never needed to test for a short before and I have no wiring diagrams or anything to know what is what... To my knowledge the car has never been in a wreck. I've searched for signs of a previous repair.... No signs at all.

How can I test the MICU?

Keep in mind a difference in my radio and the typical backlight issue (that Ive read about) is that I can still see everything on it during the day its only illumination that doesn't work.

Cruise control still works with no problems so, not touching that.
The radio itself (cd player), not the faceplate is what controls the illumination. There is a fuse that burns out and takes away illumination to the LCD(You can still see the text in well lit environments). There is a thread around explaining how to fix it, in my case the CD changer was jammed so I just ordered a radio block from oemcaraudio on ebay. I will install it over the next couple of days and let you know how that goes.
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