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Oil Consumption..... Again

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Hey Guys,

I know this has been covered before but I just fighting with what to do. I have an 09 Accord EXL V6. 3 weeks ago the CEL came on and it was the misfire code. I took it to the dealer (before I did any reading) and they told me the oil was low. I just bought my car less than 3 months ago and my indicator was still at 60%. They put 1.5 qt of oil in the engine and said it was running fine and hit me with a $150 diagnostics fee. I said fine, I didn't have any time at that moment to ague with them. Now to today, my CEL just came on again and it has been less than 3 weeks and I have driven less than 1,000 miles. Should I take it back to the dealer or just put the oil in the engine and call it a day? I really don't want to have to pay $150 fee for them to give me a qt of oil. Anyone have a TSB# that I can show them that doesn't need them to update the PCM, since the update has already been performed? Should I try to call Honda first?
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the oil being low wont make the CEL come on. the spark plugs are fouled and should be replaced under warranty. There is also a new tsb out there for the oil consumption issue which will make them replace the piston rings on the affected cylinders.
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