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2006 Accord EX-L i4 4D
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Hello DA!

So I had my first-ever check engine light the other night at 180,440 miles. She had a good streak going.

I went right to Autozone, and they read a p0139 code, which is the secondary oxygen sensor. Per many folks' advice on here, I bought the Denso O2 sensor, and not the Bosch they tried to sell me.

It was late and cold, and I decided to wait until the following night to change the sensor. This means I had to drive to work and back (about 100 mile round trip), which I figured wasn't the end of the world, since worst case the blown sensor will just cost me a little fuel. I stopped at another Autozone on the way home from work last night, and bought the O2 sensor socket, to save myself having to remove the heat shield. As I accelerated hard up the inclined, short entrance ramp on my way back home to do the work, the Check Engine Light went out.

I see two possibilities here:
1. The sensor was clogged with something, and the full open throttle blew it out and resolved the issue.
2. This sensor is on its way out, and is just behaving itself at the moment, so I should just replace it anyway.

Has anyone else had a p0139 code come and go like this?

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