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Hi all,

I have seen multiple forums on those paint repair kits such as Dr. Colorchip or Touchup 123 with mixed reviews at best. It seems that the wet sanding method may produce the best result even though it could be quite scary especially for people like myself who has never tried it. Here is a method I have tried and may work.

1. Clean the chipped area using alcohol.
2. Put multiple layers of paint until the paint fills up the chipped void.
3. If possible, let the paint dry for a few days to cure.
4. Then use some diluted alcohol on a cloth and polish the touched-up area until it is almost level with the surrounding area. Be careful to go slow or excess paint may get removed. Or use some more diluted alcohol (dilute it with some more water if necessary) so that the leveling process can go slower with better control.
5. Do a final touch up on the chip by polishing it using Quixx number 2 polish to level the touch-up area and the surrounding.
6. Then do a final round of polishing on the touched up area using cleaner wax.

This method should yield better results than those touch-up kits being sold in the market.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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speaking of paint chip, this dude kick A soccer ball at my car twice after I told him not too...
Thanks for the tips
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