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Paint Quality/Clear Coat Peel

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Hey all, newly joined the forum.
I own a 13 ex-l with roughly 119k miles on it. For the last few years or so, the clear coat on my rear bumper has quite literally peeled away and sometimes brittle to the point where it’ll break off when hanging off. 90% of the clear coat on the top part of my rear bumper (the bottom of the trunk entrance) is gone, however this issue hasn’t occurred with any other panels. Key note is that this car is only parked outside, but I don’t see how it would just hit the rear. Does anyone else have this issue?

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are you the first owner? looking at the orange peel in the last picture, it looks like it was repainted at some point.
Not exactly first owner. Car came from my brother when he upgraded and I got the accord when I learned how to drive. As far as I know, nothing’s ever been repainted on the car. Could just seem dirty as it needs a wash at the moment
I'm not talking about the dirt. It's the reflection in the bottom left on the last picture. Notice how uneven it is? While it is very common on every car on the road, that unevenness looks worse than other parts of the car, which can be indicative of a bad paint job in the past. Was your brother the first owner?
I see, I get what you mean. He was the first owner of the car, yeah. Never had the bumper repainted though in his time of ownership nor mine
1 - 3 of 9 Posts