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Passenger Door Courtesy/Map light not working!

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Hello folks,

I read a lot of threads where people have had the same issues, but of the few solutions suggested, none have helped me.

Here is what is happening:
When I open any of the four doors, all except the front passenger cause their courtesy lights to come on (dome / door)

The sad thing is it was working just this morning. I was cleaning in the passenger area when I first noticed the passenger door light flickering, so I thought it might be the bulb. I went and replaced it with a fresh one - it wasn't working initially, but when I jiggled it, and it flickered on for a bit, then sputtered out. I switched it again with another fresh bulb, but no dice.

I then noticed that the overhead dome, when switched to "door", is not coming on either (for that door only).

If anyone can tell me the parts which make the door light come on, I'd like to fix it. I am wondering if I jiggled the connection loose - but would that result in the dome light not responding as well? (I wouldn't want to disassemble the door to pull that connection if I don't have to) any ideas on how to diagnose if the light socket is shorted or has a bad connection?

Any part numbers and tests I should run on the car would be highly appreciated.
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So I took another look at that door, and I found I could pull the lower panel free, and it looks like it's all connected properly at the socket.

I then checked the "door open" light, and for that door - there is no indication that the door is open on the dash.

Could this be the door jamb switch? I've heard the multiplex unit could be an issue - does anyone know a diagnostic test I could perform to isolate the problem?
Liked the video - but unfortunately it didn't solve my problem.

I thought I could take the door switch from a functioning door, and replace it like Eric did in the video, but when I did - I found the switch from the 'problem' door worked fine in its new home, but the proven switch didn't work when swapped.

I suppose I need to get some test equipment to see if I'm actually getting power to the socket and switch. I may be jumping ahead here, but is there a way to swap wires in the multiplex unit between the front passenger door and one of the rear doors? I see the part 38200-SDA-C02 goes for about $100 new, and that seems steep to get a couple lights to come on...

What's the next step?
So I got a multimeter, and testing the 'problem door', I have zero power heading to the jamb switch and the courtesy light.

I register just under 12v at the other switches and sockets...

I could use a link to the wiring diagram for the dome light / multiplex / door jamb switch if anyone knows of one.

I pulled the dome light, and I see there are two main wires connecting it and then they are split into a variety of branches. They seem to be connected properly, but without a diagram, I really don't understand it.

I probed all of the visible points, and I noticed that one spot will cause the dome light to come on if touched with a probe, and another will short the interior light fuse.
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