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Pics of steel wheels on car without wheel covers

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I'm considering a set of winter tires and 16" steel wheels from Tire Rack this year, but without ordering the wheel covers. Does anyone have a picture of 7th gen accord with this setup so I get a feel for how it looks? Any pics I find online are of 80's accords and it appears the missing wheel covers are unintentional :)

This is just for my winter setup.
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Thanks! I searched forever with a bunch of different search terms, but I never thought of calling them 'steelies'.
A few years ago I thought about just using the steelies with no covers. I ended up buying a cheap set of Moda MD 10 from the tire rack. They were only a little more money and look better than the steelies. Plus they were so cheap I do not feel bad about running them in the winter.
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