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Plate lights and dome lights

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I want to change my plate lights and dome lights on my 2010 sedan how would I change them?
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follow this for map/dome lights:

^you don't have to get the same lighting kit, but it's the same idea. when you do remove the covers, pry from the little tabs nearest the windshield (i found it the easiest). the guide pretty much tells you everything, very easy to do.

for (license) plate, i went through the inside of the trunk (prying the covers from the outside was too hard compared to going from the inside). look for the lights, unplug everything (you'll be able to see it easily if you dont have a trunk insulator). then pull the bulb out and replace, i ended up using packaging tape to remove the bulb cause its pretty hard to grip.
Honda manual does not provide instructions for replacing the license plate bulb at all (bastards!!!). Fortunately, I was able to figure it out by playing around with it. Unfortunately, it cost me about $20 for a new light-bulb housing because it accidentally slip out of my hand and fell into the crevices of the trunk lid. It would have taken me too much trouble to retrive it than to just buy a new one.

Anyhow, here's how I changed the light bulb on my 2011 accord.
1. Remove the 3 or 4 plastic screws that holds the insulation on the trunk lid, the section that is right behind the license plate. You'll need a small flat head screw driver to pop-up the caps of the screws a tiny bit. Once that's up you can easily remove the screw.
2. Fold/hold the insulation away from the work area so you can see where the light bulb housing is. You don't have to remove the entire trunk lid insulation. As a matter of fact I don't recommend that because the other tacts that hold the insulation in replace can't be removed without damaging them, unless you have a special tool for that. Be careful not to rip the insulation around the inside emergency trunk release and the L-shape lever.
3. The light bulb housing is made of 2 parts -- the a rectangular-shaped clear shell that you see from the outside and the housing the holds bulb. The housing connects to the wire on one end and connects to the clear shell at the other end at about a 90 degree angle. Disconnect the housing from the rectangular shell by pressing inwards the release on the short sides of the housing and pulling the housing away from the shell. Don't remove the wire harness from the housing (that's how the housing slipped from my hand).
4. Once you're able to do that, you'll be able to get to the bulb to replace it. Everything is in rather tight. So you'll want to use a little bit of muscle, but not to much forece otherwise you can break the plastics.

Hope that helps.
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